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Jan 31, 2017 at 08:12 AM

IM cycle counting issue


hello all

we have checked all the possible forums and tested all the suggested solutions pertinent to our problem but something is not right and txn MIBC for cycle counting seems not to work.


we are implementing SAP in one of our locations and they require IM cycle counting.

the settings in customizine for OMCO (settings for cycle counting) are done for this plant and for all indicators.

For the sake of testing, we had only 25 materials for this plant in the system. All of them had ABC indicators filled as well as CC indicator (A, B, C, D).

when launching transaction MIBC, we checked All materials in stock, and tried both requirements as well as consumptions with a span of one year and MRP areas material consumptions (with and without.) but we kept receiving the message "total value = 0" etc, no result.

we even performed regular inventory for some of the materials, so that a last count would appear in MARD

Being that they have no requirements nor do they have consumptions in the system, we followed one of the answers Jürgen gave to one of the questions that described this same scenario (which we had done before as well).

so we created a sales order with some of the materials and at this point, when launching MIBC with "requirements", ALL the materials appeared in the list.

we did not save nor did we change anything in the list.

But....the next day, when launching MIBC again, again nothing appeared....only when adding one material to the sales order, the list appeared again.

we are obviously missing something but we don't manage to find what and no answer of those we found in the various forums helped solving this.

It is obvious that once they will start using the system on a daily basis, the problem will be solved but until then, how can we make the analysis appear?

can someone help?