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Former Member
Apr 27, 2015 at 08:48 PM

DP91 can result in going to 1 of two different t-codes - how do I know where I end up?


In DP91 (Resource Related Billing) when you hit the Billing Request button, if a DMR can be created, it will automatically go to VA02 with a message in ses[0]/wnd[0]/sbar of the VA02 flavour... "DMR 9999 has been created".

If however a billing request cannot, or is not created (in the case where, for instance, you reject everything and just want the RRB tables updated to reflect the fact that the expenses have been reviewed and rejected you go to the initial screen flavour of DP91 with a message in ses[0]/wnd[0]/sbar of that flavour .... "the document flow has been updated".

How can I tell which t-code/flavour I'm on to be able to test if I've created a DMR or not?

A quick response would be mush appreciated as I've spent ages on this trying to figure out why the normal flavour error logic does not work so I am running behind.

Regards and Thanks.