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Apr 27, 2015 at 08:16 AM

SPAM Error after SPAM Update to 740 / 56


Had an error after installing SPAM Update 56, SPAM repots an error if I press the button Queue Show/edit.

An exception has occurred which is explained in more detail below. The

exception is assigned to class 'CX_SY_DYN_CALL_ILLEGAL_FUNC' and was not

caught in procedure

"OCS_EXTENDED_UPLOAD" "(FUNCTION)", nor was it propagated by a RAISING clause.

Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated this

exception, the current program was terminated.

The reason for the exception is:

An attempt was made to execute the CALL FUNCTION statement in program

"SAPLOCS_CORE". The name of the function module to be called is


""OCS_CREATE_LOGLINE" cannot be found in its function group though.

Possible causes:

a) Function module "OCS_CREATE_LOGLINE" has not been activated. This means

that it

cannot be found at runtime.

b) The function library contains an incorrect entry for "OCS_CREATE_LOGLINE".

c) The function module does not contain any code at all. Even FUNCTION

... ENDFUNCTION is missing.

If I have a look at the functiongroup OCS_CORE they Report me that it is damaged. If I would repair it, he said that is repaired - but do not works anymore.

Please help