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Apr 25, 2015 at 05:41 AM

Error opening file 17754X_001-SD_VBRK / Archive file could not be read


Hello All,

we have suddenly started experiencing the issue where we are not able to access any archived file through archive enabled sap transaction like VF07 or through archive Infostructures. I have attached the screenshot of the error message.

The archive files are stored in the external storage device. Currently to view the archive file from SAP I have to retrieve them back to the file system using sara management screen storage---retrieve option and then it works fine.

But currently when we try to view the archived document through infostruture it gives error message" Error opening file 17754X_001-SD_VBRK". I tried to debug the issue and found that the logic tries to hit admi_file table to get the details of filename. I do not find any entry for filename in table admi_file which are stored properly to external storage device. My question is:

1. Do ADMI_FILE table should have filename entry filled because I do not see any entry for this particular field.

I have checked the content repository setting and its not touched recently.

I am not sure where the functionality has suddenly broken.

Any urgent suggestion would be highly appreciated.


Ankit Kumar