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Apr 24, 2015 at 03:03 PM

SSM: Primary AS Instance Installation fails at step 17 - Deploy Java Components


This is a question from installation perspective for SAP Strategy Management 10.1 in distributed env.. I am getting errors (please see below) at step 17 - 'Deploy Java Components' while installing Primary AS Instance installing SAP SSM in distributed environment. So far I have already installed Central Instance (Windows), Database Instance (ASE on Linux). As you see in screenshot the Primary AS Instance installation is in progress.

Can anybody help on what component we are missing? I am very new to Basis installation task specially for SSM, therefore any insights or help will be high appreciated.

FYI- Its a Distributed environment with database as Sybase ASE on Linux whereas Application on Windows 2012 server, the NW version is NW 7.4

Error message

safety --lcm bulk -t 14400000 --host INBLRLWSSC826 --port 50104' aborts with return code 104. Error message is 'Component:LMCTC ( Status:Aborted Description:1. Already deployed component has version:1000. 1. Contains Aborted deployment component: sap.com_tc~lm~ctc~util~wsclient~proxy_ear. SOLUTION: Check 'C:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\NW740SR2\SYB\INSTALL\DISTRIBUTED\JAVA\APP1\log\dc_log\deploy_api.0.log' and 'deploycontroller.log' for more information.).


SSM-1.PNG (179.1 kB)
SSM-2.PNG (156.0 kB)
SSM-3.PNG (85.4 kB)
SSM-1.PNG (179.1 kB)