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IT0008 to incorporate additional payment types manually.

Jan 31, 2017 at 07:32 AM


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I have a requirement to add wage types in IT0008 as an input and not to be defaulted. Do we have to make any changes in the PCR for payroll processing? This is for UK Payroll.

I would appreciate for an earliest response. Thanks in advance

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2 Answers

Rémi Corriveau Jan 31, 2017 at 01:05 PM

I'm not familiar with UK Payroll, but if you look in table view V_T511 at at the parameters of an IT0008 WT and of some IT0014 WT, you may be to see that some WTs are valued indirectly and some are not. Next, table view V_T512Z will allow you to see which WTs are allowed on IT0008.

Finally, yes you may be required to make changes to PCRs or create new ones to process your new WT.

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antoine foucault Jan 31, 2017 at 03:03 PM

Hi Rowena,

Could you clarify on the wagetype to be recorded? as far as I am use to IT0008 only stores one basic pay WT under to GB solution, it can be linked to T510 table via PS type/area/group and level or can be overwritten if necessary. But all this will be more or less complex depending on your setup... Other wagetype should be relegate to IT0014/0015/2010 or any other alternative.



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Bonjour Antoine,

You mention that for GB (UK) Payroll, IT0008 is limited to only one WT. Is that because of Feature LGMST or because of something else (such as the GB screen variant for MP000800 in T588M)?


Bonjour Remi:

No no, IT0008 is not limited to one wagetype - did not want to say that.... sorry if I mislead anyone on this... I wanted to say usual setup only include use of one basic pay wagetype (for monthly employees) or basic pay hourly rate wagetype (for hourly employees).

Of course there are many possible setup but l always apply the keep IT0008 for subtype 0 as simple as possible approach. And push wage types that functionally those not represent "basic pay" (as in annual salary divided by payroll periods or collective agreement frequency) to IT0014/IT0015/IT2010 or any others...

There is absolutely no limitation by LGMST or the global setup of basic pay infotype in the GB solution; the same restrictions and possibilities applies from the global solution - up to 40 wagetypes.

The GB-specific thing I remember and I could mention (as you are referring to it also) for IT0008 is screen 2008... there is an extra-pushbutton that display the flexible salary when an employee as a benefit plan setup starting... with IT0171 and in my case with IT0377 Miscellaneous plans... .

Bonne journée :)



Thanks for the update Antoine.

This information may be useful to someone who works on GB Payroll, or who uses Flex salary.