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Apr 24, 2015 at 11:40 AM

Unused BOM components not getting filtered


I have written a Query for BOM, which is having ECM active. Earlier there were 14 components.

3 components have been removed. But If I execute my Query--it is getting all the 14 components

instead of 11.

In CS03--If I execute,

with both Valid from and Valid to date as today--Defaulted--Then 11 components are displayed.-OK

If I keep Valid from Only--Then 11 are displayed.--Ok

If I remove both Valid from and Valid to date--Then 14 are displayed.-Ok

If I keep valid to date --Then it is displaying all the 14 components.

That means Valid from is acting a s filter.

If I use the same Valid from--(Tried all the Valid From fields in STPO) in my Query--It is not taking.

The strange thing this, If we give that Particular date (On which the component is changed)--Then it is

taking and showing the output in the query.

The thing I need here is --The same functionality (Filtering criteria) has to be put into my Query.

P.S: Even Standard reports like CS11/CS12/CS13 are not filtering, in the way--CS02/CS03 are doing.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciable. Thanks in advance.

Wherever we see in the standard reports--The Valid to is coming from structures.