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Apr 24, 2015 at 09:38 AM

Using Consignment Stock and filling up an unrelated Sales Order


Hi there,

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but I have an issue that I hoped SCN may be able to resolve.

We have a client for whom we hold Stock in our warehouse location. We fill up this stock using SAP Sales Orders (at 0 revenue) to maintain levels to satisfy need.

When the client puts in a stock request, they do so using our front end quoting engine which is integrated with SAP, and effectively drives the client invoice. This sends through picking and shipping requests to our warehouse who immediately action the stock holding to satisfy the request, creating Outbounds against the stocking order(s).

At a later stage the quoting engine creates a Sales Quotation in SAP which is then converted to a Sales Order. In order to reconcile the Order and the shipments, the Stock Order Outbounds are then reversed, and re-issued against this new (unrelated) Sales Order, and then we can move to invoice.

Step by Step, the process broadly looks as follows:

- Order Stock via 'Sales Order (1)'

- Pick and Deliver Stock (Outbounds are created against Stock 'Sales Order (1)')

- Process the client request and create 'Invoice Sales Order (2)'

- Reverse the Outbounds against Stock 'Sales Order (1)' and link these to 'Invoice Sales Order (2)'.

- Process to Invoice.

I am trying to determine if there is a more efficient means of processing this requirement, and whether consignment stock can help us here. From what I have read, I am assuming that for consignment stock a saleable YKE can only be created against an existing YKB. For the model that we are trying to operate, ideally we need a solution where we can Associate the YKB items to YOR, or perhaps achieve the following:

- Order Stock via 'Sales Order (1)'

- Move this Stock into a "Bucket"

- Pick and Delivery this stock out of the "Bucket"

- Transfer the delivery over to the 'Invoice Sales Order (2)' when required.

I'd welcome any suggestions here to helps us optimise the process.

Many thanks,