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Apr 24, 2015 at 08:33 AM

How to configure ZERO Retry in AAE


Dear Experts,

We have a File to ECC(Idoc) scenario, where in we are doing an RFC lookup to get the sequence number.

For every input file we get from source system the sequence will be incremented by 1.

We are validating the Incoming sequence number with the RFC sequence number & will only process the file if both are equal else fail the message in PI.

Incase of message failure due to some data issue or due to sequence mismatch there is a RETRY happening which is incrementing the value by 1 for each retry there by causing the next file to fail due to sequence mismatch.

So please let us know how can we prevent this Retry

Note : The scenario is ICO based and we also have tried by changing the retry option to zero in RFC communication channel but still there is no luck as retry continues to happens for 3 times.