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Apr 24, 2015 at 07:21 AM

dimension property is giving different property values in EPM add in


Hi Gurus,

I have 2 issues in BPC where a dimension property is giving values of different property of same dimension in EPM Add-in. Let's say, property1 is having values a,b,c and property2 is having values INC, EXP. In EPM Add-in when I am selecting property1 then I am seeing INC,EXP instead of a,b,c however the values are correct in Admin client and backend BW.

The other issue I have is of hierarchy. Hierarchy is looking fine in Admin client but one member let's say C1 which should come up under C hierarchy is not coming up under any hierarchy. I have processed the dimension but no luck.

I have tried by Clear Metadata Cache and Refresh Dimension but didn't get expected results.

Any ideas?? I am using EPM Add-in Version 10.0 SP15 Patch 1.