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Jan 19, 2006 at 09:06 AM

Workflow Event enabling and Linkage



I need to enable the workflow <b>001000089, Abbr. PDExpiredQua</b> to monitor the qualifications, the involved Business Object being BUS7019.

I used TCODE <b>SWETYPV</b> to enable the link. I created a new entry linking the event BUS7019-CREATEDWITHVALIDTY to this WORKFLOW.

This is all as specified in the IMG.

But, when I create a new entry for PA0024 using PA30, I dont see any workflow being created.

I verified the entries in T779W for the HR UPDATE to EVENT linkage. There are no entries corresponding to BUS7019. Is this the issue or should I create the record in a different fashon?

I also tried creating an entry in T779X using the TCODE SWEHR3 Record " OTYPE:Q, OPERATION: INS, ACTIVITY: PDSP, OBJECT: BUS7019, EVENT: CREAEDWITHVAIDITY" . But now, the PA30 goes to a dump.

Please suggest.


Suryakiran D.