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Apr 23, 2015 at 09:01 PM

Suppress Records


In relation to this thread:

I now have a report where I'm selecting records Year-to-Date and at the end of the report I have summaries for YTD and Month-to-Date to date as well.

I want to now ONLY show the MTD records in the details within this report. I've so far successfully created new MTD formulas for all the fields in the details...for example:

IF {Billing_Data22.Date Bill Paid By Client} IN MonthToDate then

{Billing_Data22.Total State Allowable}

etc., etc, for all the fields within the details of the report.

The issue now is that there are still records showing up as either zeroes or blanks, towards the beginning of the report. These are obviously the records that do not fall in the MTD. How do I now suppress these?