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Apr 23, 2015 at 07:50 PM

Any way to avoid "no WHERE with LEFT JOIN / no SUM with FAE" catch?


Simple task - ALV report shows some material (MATNR) information by plant (WERKS) and now the users want to add a column showing total quantity of this material in open sales orders.

Since not all materials will have any orders, it would be a LEFT JOIN and since I need to select just order type (VBAK-VBTYP='C') plus check status and WHERE doesn't work with LEFT JOIN, this is, unfortunately, the case for FAE.

OK, easy-peasy, I'll use VAPMA and dump the SUM( ZMENG ) into HASHED table, so shouldn't be too bad. Except... wait for it... SUM can't be used with FAE. So I can't use LEFT JOIN, can't use SUM, can't select into HASHED table... And then I'm told I need to stop programming like it's 1999.

This requirement in the reports is, unfortunately, more common than I'd prefer. Is there any way around this Catch-22 without ABAP 7.4 or HANA?

Thank you!