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Apr 23, 2015 at 04:20 PM

Overpicking with opportunistic cross docking


Hi all,

I am testing Opportunistic cross docking involving inbound production TRs and outbound delivery documents. I have made all of the applicable customizing settings. When creating the TO for the outbound delivery picking, the system is correctly finding the open putaway TO from the production order goods receipt. The putaway TO line is cancelled and the picking TO from the outbound delivery is updated to remove the stock from the interim storage bin in the 901 storage type. The issue I am having is that the TO for the outbound delivery is 'overpicking' the quantity from the storage bin in the 901 location.

Example: Putaway TO from the TR has a total quantity of 18 EA - 2 TO lines of 9 EA per line.

Outbound delivery quantity is for 36 EA. I have 27 EA in stock in the warehouse in their normal storage bins. During TO creation for the outbound delivery, at first it seems to correctly create the TO for 9 EA and subsequently cancel the first putaway TO line item of 9 EA. However, clicking enter a few times the quantity on the picking TO changes to the full 36 EA, which will draw the interim 901 location negative. I would expect the system to pick the 18 EA from the 901 location (subsequently canceling the TOs from the TR) and then pick the remaining 18 EA from the normal inventory locations.

I have checked OSS and I can't find anything that is relevant to our ECC6 EHP6 release (we are not using SCM or EWM). Is anyone having this issue where the system is 'overpicking' from the inbound interim storage bin?