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Apr 23, 2015 at 03:33 PM

Beta Distribution in ABAP?


Hi All,

I need some mathematical assistance for a issue i have.

I have been tasked to automate a process that is currently being performed in Excel (who hasn't?)

However 1 of the cells on the Excel sheet is performing a beta distribution calculation i.e. (In Excel ) =BETA.DIST(x,alpha, beta, cumulative)

Within ABAP i am trying to replicate this Excel function, however i am having issues in doing so. I can see the standard statistical QF* functions but i am getting unstuck trying to combine the beta & normal functions.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

In Excel - the value x = 1.02E-30 (Scientific) alpha = 27.546 beta = 422.099 Cumulative Value = TRUE

Result = 0.5229858042