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Apr 23, 2015 at 02:06 PM

how to set homepage by default?


Hi Everybody, I have the following doubt.

Is there any way to set by default the information blocks for users in the Home (WebClient - sales role), so as the first time they enter the CRM, they have the same information blocks as other users? For example we want every users to have, the first time they enter the home page, the block CRM Links with the options: Activities, Accounts, Interaction Log, then a Block Web Links with some links set. And then a Widget with an Intranet Page.

Actually, before I give the users their pass, I enter and set all this configuration manually, and I want a way to set this by default in a customizing.

Is it this possible? I leave an attachment with the Home I want to set.

Kind Regards



Home by default.png (545.4 kB)