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Apr 23, 2015 at 12:13 PM

BO Stored procedure universe in 4.1



We are working on a POC for migration of BO 3.1 reports to BI 4.1. These report are the ones that have custom SQL or Free hand SQL. Hence
a direct migration using upgrade tool is not possible. Hence, we have come up with an approach using stored procedure universe. The custom SQL is rewritten as a single stored procedure and the stored procedure is then inserted into the universe using which we create webi reports. Below are the highlights of the work in progress module :

  1. Created a stored procedure in test server( SQL Server 2008) with one input parameter that captures the Launchpad logon userid(@BOUSER).
    This user logon is mapped to each Program and procedure data is filtered on the Program. Hence, we pass user logon as an input to the stored proc.
  2. Successfully created a new universe pointing to the test server and using the step 1 created stored procedure.
  3. Created a webi report using the step 2 universe. However, when we try to refresh the report it ends up in the following error.

Note: The webi report gets refreshed successfully when the stored procedure returns no data. However, when the stored proc returns data, we end up with the attached error. We checked all the security level at the CMC level. We are the part of Admin Group. So it is not a security issue.




error screen.jpg (8.7 kB)