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Apr 23, 2015 at 08:23 AM

Oracle compression with SWPM


Hello All,

I would like to know the recommendations and any suggestions for enabling Tablespace compression during the installation of SAP using SWPM.


Install ERP 6.0 SR3 with Kernel 7.21 on Linux x86_64 OS with Oracle

Compression can be enabled by selecting Advanced DB configuration during SAP installation.

I found the procedure of implementing compression after system build is quite tedious, so utilizing this option .

Compression can be enabled only for SAP Appln tablespaces like PSAPSR3/PSAPSR3700/PSAPSR3USR right?

I have already glanced thru the OSS notes for ACO/Compression for SAP Systems/FAQ on Compression, pre-requisites are met I believe:

Oracle /SAP Kernel release 721 meet the pre-requisites.

Cannot be enabled for Oracle SYSTEM/SYSAUX tablespaces.

This procedure would implement index and oltp table compression by default right?

Anda are there any manual parameters need to be amended right after the installation?

Sanity checks/monitoring need to be performed after installation?

Are there any disadvantages by enabling compression during the installation.?

Please share your real time experiences and thoughts..

Thanks in advance.