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Apr 23, 2015 at 07:06 AM

Crystal Server: How to repoint report datasources after refresh?


I'm new to Crystal Reports/Crystal Server. Hope someone can enlighten me.

In SSRS, there's a thing called Shared Data Source wherein you can configure a data source like server, database, user settings, etc. This data source can then be shared in multiple reports. This is very convenient especially if you anticipate to change the server name (ex: Production to UAT server) after some later time. You'll just change the connection in Shared Data Source and it will affect all reports using it.

In Crystal Server, I noticed that I also need to repoint the datasource if the report has schedule.

I recently refreshed from Production to UAT and all the reports are now pointing to Production database. How can I repoint the datasource to UAT database efficiently in Crystal Server? What are the alternatives or tools which can reduce this effort?

BTW, I'm using SAP Crystal Server 2013 and Crystal Reports 11.

Thanks in advance.