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Apr 23, 2015 at 12:15 AM

ADS data loss


I’m posting this on behalf of a one of our clients. He is concerned there is a bug in Advantage Database Server that could lead to loss of data.

They have about 18 software packages all running and accessing Advantage on the cloud.

The Terminal Server is 2012 R2

The Data Server is 2008 R2

The Advantage Database Server is

On Sunday the 12th, the administrator made a change to the network share Advantage was using to access the tables. He unshared the old drive ( D: ) and path then he shared the new drive ( G: ) and path both the new and the old share where the same name. Advantage was still running at the time the network share was changed.

After the network share change, Advantage was still opening and writing data to the old network share on ( D: ) and not the new network share on ( G: ). Advantage seemed to be unaware the share path had changed.

They ran for a week like this then on Saturday the 18th the data server was restarted to another issue our tech support was having. On Monday the 20th, it was determined that the data was reverted back to Thursday the 16th, thereby missing Friday’s work. One of the software’s data was reverted back to Monday the 13th.

It appears that the act of “downing” the server on Saturday the 19th caused the data loss discovered on the 20th as Advantage was now looking at a different place since the share names were changed on the 12th.

The client is thinking that the tables were being cached in the Advantage memory and didn’t have an opportunity to write the data to disk when the data server was downed.

Any help would be appreciated.