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Apr 22, 2015 at 09:15 PM

Transport SWC to Prod sld



This is a simple requirement but not sure why its getting so complicated, i have done lot of search on SDN and got the solution, but unable to execute it.

Basis has created a swc in Dev SLD and i imported it into my ESR, created my objects and exported the TPZ file. (Transport mechanism is FILE transport)

In production SLD, we need to import the created software component to maintain the same version, else if we create directly in Prod SLD, and import my .TPz file, it will throw a version error.

The software component is exported from the Dev SLD, but when basis is trying to import it under "Software Components", the option "import" is not present. All the roles are assigned and checked, but still, the import option is not present.



PS: There are 2 SLD, one for Dev and Q, and one for Prod and they are not on the Pi Server.