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Former Member
Apr 22, 2015 at 10:18 PM

Ck 468 error in costing run



We are getting an error 'No price could be determined for Subcontracting' whiling doing the costing run for the material.

Please find below the details of the scenario.

1. Initially the material was set up for procument type 'E' and costing was carried out for the material.

The alternate BOM 1X and Prodcution version ZYYY were used for the costing.

2. However, the material has been changed to procurement type 'F' and special procurement '30' for subcontracting.

The source list and PIR have been maintained for the Material/vendor/plant in ME03 and ME13 respectivley.

While doing the costing via CK11N, we are using the same valuation variant, and a new alternate BOM - 1Y only ( no production verision specified)

The error message is issue for the subcontracting item 'L' in the cost as 'No price could be determined for Subcontracting' .

Could you please share your inputs related to the above.