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Apr 22, 2015 at 02:00 PM

Block CAT2 on Activity



At the moment our employees are writing time on projects by creating network/activity with a workcentre.

We also use the same activities to add Material Components, which are purchased and after good receipt, we make Project Deliveries via CNS0.

After a certain point in time, we want to prevent users to write time via CAT2 onto this activity.

I cannot use status LOCK (LKD), Account Assignment Locked (AALK) because these prevent the process RMWL (Goods Issue Delivery)

Neither can we use status Technically Completed (TECO) because this will set a Deletion Indicator to the Material Components, which prevent also the Goods Issue Delivery.

One solution, which is also not possible for us, is to remove the Work Center. This will prevent CAT2 due to a check we build in. A user has to have the same Cost Center as the Cost Center of the Work Center. But it's not possible for us, because we make Forcast on these activities via the Work Center, Cost Center and the Activity Type / Price planning (KP26). so removing the Work Center will prevent Forcasting.

I guess the solution should be in some kind of (user) status, which prevent all kind of bookings which result into a Accounting Document, in combination with some ABAP.

Our Project Deliveries do not have this kind of document.

But maybe there are other solutions.

Do you guys have any idea?

Thanks for your effort 😊

Best regards,

JM Starmans