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Apr 22, 2015 at 01:02 PM

RFC connection fails when selecting DSO's containing many columns


Hi All

I apologize if this thread is not in the correct place.

I am facing a problem with sap data service and rfc connection towards sap BW.

I have successfully created a connection and can fetch all the DSO’s in my sap BW environment.

But I am dealing with some errors in the connection, when large DSO’s are chosen.

Error calling RFC function to get table data: <RFC_ABAP_RUNTIME_FAILURE-(Exception_Key: DATA_OFFSET_TOO_LARGE)- Invalid subfield access: Offset too large>.

Is there a natural limitation on how many columns which can be fetch without getting an error. Or what is causing this error?

Is there a rule of thumb on data size?

I am also currently facing an import, which previously was successful, but now is generating an error similar to above.


Error calling RFC function to get table data: <RFC_ABAP_EXCEPTION-(Exception_Key: DATA_BUFFER_EXCEEDED, SY-MSGTY: E, SY-MSGID: FL, SY-MSGNO: 046, SY-MSGV1: /BODS/RFC_READ_TABLE)>.

I find it very odd that it was successful previously, and now is failing.

In general should this kind of connection only be used for small table, or small amount of records? I am using this in relation to CRM service data, which is a fairly large datasets.

Thx for you reply.