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Apr 22, 2015 at 11:13 AM

Merchant ID in Site Master Data


Hello Experts,

I have tried searching this forum and other SAP related forums, after which I have decided to post this question.

Does anyone know from which table is the Merchant ID in the Site Master Data picked up? I have setup the following -

Card Types and Merchant ID information in SAP SD. I have not completed the full steps of credit card processing in SD/Billing because I do not wish to process any payments in SAP using Payment Cards, but I do need the Merchant ID information stored in the Site Master data for each Retail store.

The entry in table TCCM is populated correctly, but when I try to assign the merchant ID values in the site master data (WB02) the system is not showing me the values of table TCCM.

Is there some settings for the site master that I am not aware off, which will allow SAP to connect the site master data (WB02) to table TCCM?

Can someone please help with this query?