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Apr 22, 2015 at 04:21 AM

Collective Close Work Orders with TECO


Dear SAP Guru,

I know this topic may be the old one, I searched on SDN and other source but I have not got my answer yet.

As I may know, in order to mass close Work order, we could use CO99 or program RKKBABS0. Unluckily, with the logic of these programs,"If the order balance is not 0 and/or outstanding purchase orders still exist, the system issues an error message and assigns the status Technically completed to the order".

My query is: Is there any standard way to prevent assign TECO to order when running these program, OR is there a way to select Only TECO Work Order as the input for running these programs. The current selection of these is by Work Order type level rather than by system status level.

Thanks all for any help and contribution.

Phi Dang