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Apr 21, 2015 at 04:57 PM

Model Organization


PD provides at least below 2 ways to organize the Logical or Physical Model, namely use of Diagrams and Packages.

I have been using packages within a model to organize my models into subject area that allows me isolate each functionality and also manage it for working in a group and also print a model in subject area. I then use the default Diagram of the model file as the place to organize the Entity/Table at a summary level and all these are shortcut to Entity/Table.

The challenge with this is that I have to keep updating the summary models made of shortcuts as i make changes to model and new Entity/Table are added. The good part is that I just have to make changes to the Entity/Table once in the model and all the Shortcuts reflact the updates. I can also list all Entity/Tables in the Menu|Model option and this lists out all the objects and the property 'Object Type' can distinguish if the entity is origianl or a short cut and visually the entity Icon has a little shortcut symbol at the botom left corner, this way I know when i am dealing with a shortcut.

However, I think Diagrams can help me NOT constantly updating the packages and the summary view and still organize the model into Diagrams as subject areas and only deal with selected objects in each of them. but the challenge is to visually and in a listing be able to distinguish them.

Does any body have any idea as to how to handle this scenario?

I am using PD EBF3

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