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Apr 21, 2015 at 03:06 PM

ABAP Routine in Update Role - Populating a Char with a KF


Hello, good morning!

I need to create a routine but i don't have any experience in ABAP so i'm stuck.

I have a key figure that makes a time calculation, but i can't use in my query as the user wants to so I need to "convert" that key figure into a characteristic... as there's no way to do that, i came up with the Idea of creating a routine that makes the calculation needed.

Below the requirement:

-Client needs a report that shows a Date Range, #Document generated below 15 minutes, #Document generated above 15 minutes.

#Document is a characteristic, and i'm not able to restrict it with my key figure (that's why i thought of a routine)

So, i created a new InfoObject type Char which will be populated with the records of the Key Figure. Once it is "a copy" of my KF, i can make an IF statement that will look like " IF char > 15, THEN 'X', ELSEIF 'Y' " so that the report will be as required. But I don't even know how to declare my variables and how to "copy" the data because it's not like PMMTIMDIF = PMMTIMCHAR.

I'll appreciate your help!

Thank you