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Apr 21, 2015 at 12:35 PM

Why does HP LoadRunner measure slow response time for SAP GUI selection steps?


We are running HP LoadRunner 11.52 scenarios out to multiple (up to 4) load generators. Load generators have 24 GB ram and 8 CPU's. We have run a maximum of 200 users and see a maximum usage of ~25% on CPU's. We were previously running SAP GUI 7.4 and downgraded to 7.3 when we came to understand 7.4 is not supported in PAM for LR 11.52. Regardless, our results have not changed. What we are trying to resolve is why the first two steps of opening the SAP GUI and entering system-related selection is taking so long to process? Additionally, we typically see that during the time escalation of those steps, that there is a period where the process seems to pause for a large time gap. The process below shows a snapshot while in progress. The SAP GUI steps are hitting severe peaks wthile all other steps during the process tend to track at a steady quick response time. Any degradation there looks to be tied to the long pauses.

Would anyone have knowledge or experience with this type of output and understand why it might be consistenty happening? Thanks.