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Apr 21, 2015 at 12:50 PM

Simple Finance Controlling Area Currency in ledger


Hi All,

SFIN2 is installed in our system. While doing Configuration of Ledger & Additional currency, we found that

When we add 2nd or 3rd currency type as Controlling area currency -> we get error as Local currency cant be defined completely for company code

And when we don't have any currency type = Controlling area currency -> we can post the document to company code.

One of the reason is in T code OB22 - currency code is not being updated for currency type =20. Even though it is updated in Controlling area configuration.

When you check T code OB22 - It gives message as use t code FINSC_LEDGER - to maintain currency setting & when you still continue you cant edit but can check additional currency for company code.

I believe Currency code details are supposed to be updated form config of t code FINSC_LEDGER or OKKP, but it is not happening.

Am I missing any other config?

We did below configuration

1) Controlling area created & currency assigned = 20 & Currency code = EUR. this currency is populated in Ledger configuration as group & controlling currency

2) In Ledger setting, we have three currency

i. Local Currency =10 company code currency (Derivied from Comapny code)

ii. Global Currency for GL & Controlling = 20 controlling area currency ( Derived from Controlling area)

iii.1st Additional currency =30 or 60 (This has to be defined in this t code)

Please suggest, If we miss anything to configure?

P.S:- We Ran program "FINS_CUST_CONS_CHK" to check currency & ledger consistence. And we got Green message "Check Passed"