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Apr 21, 2015 at 11:32 AM

Work Manager 6.1 problem with push


Dear community,

We're developing / configuring a Work Manager 6.1 application which communicates with an SMP 3.0 SP 4.

We want to set up push for work orders as well as attachments on work orders.

In the application definitions:

  • push is enabled on both the Angel and the Angel Lite connection
  • push definitions for BDSDocumentsPush, DMSDocumentsPush and WorkOrdersPush are polling enabled, currently with a 1 minute interval (for testing purposes)

In configpanel:

  • Push scenario's are configured
  • For work order, the exchange object configuration is present
  • In outbound trigger configuration, the server name, IP address and port are filled. The port is the same as the one configured in the SMP Admin console.
  • In the mobile object data configuration the push objects (SWM61_BDS_DOCUMENT_PUSH, SWM61_DMS_DOCUMENT_PUSH, SWM61_WORKORDER_PUSH) have "push enabled" checked.

We can observe that the push notifications are getting generated on the backend, because I can see them in the push instance monitor:

For attachments:

For an urgent work order:

For attachments, the status is process with current status new until the moment that you perform a synchronize on the agentry client, however long you wait. After the synchronize is finished, it gets the status completed with current status cancelled.

For work orders, it just gets the status completed, with 0 total recipients, even though I am connected in the agentry client at that time.

In user monitor, I saw that there were no active connections for my user:

But in SMP admin console (around the same time):

Other observations: when I run /SYCLO/CORE_OTRIG_RETRY_PROG on backend server, it only finds outbound triggers for those with status "process", not those with status "completed".

I have also looked at the troubleshooting document:, but we are already on SMERP 610_700 SP4.

I could also not find any errors in the SMP server log.

Any advice, additional things I can check, ... are highly appreciated as I currently don't know where to look anymore.

Best regards,



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