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Apr 21, 2015 at 03:32 AM

Advance Complaint Creation - Org Data & Pricing Issue



I’ve configured Advance returns in CRM with complaints for this purpose I’ve done the following settings

  1. Defined Transaction type for Adv Complaints e.g. ZARM.
  2. Defined Main item category for Adv complain – ZCPL.
  3. Defined Item category for Return Order and Credit Memo.
  4. Maintained item category determination and assigned R/3 Order type and item Category for (r/3 order type and item category with same name).
  5. Maintained copy control for ZRO1 and assigned R/3 Order type and item category.

After this, when I am trying to create Advance complaint with reference to ECC Sales Order I am getting following error messages:

Organizational data from reference transaction does not fit transaction

Pricing: Local currency missing

I’ve checked the Sales Order and the Sales Area which is Sales Org 1000, Sales Office 1001, Sales Group 101 and replicated the same settings in PPOMA_CRM for the test user that I’ve used to login in Web-UI. But I am still getting the error for Organizational data.

For Pricing error I’ve executed initial load for DNL_CUST_PRICE which completed successfully but I still see the error message while executing the transaction.

Would appreciate any inputs on resolving this. Attached the document with details of settings.