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Apr 20, 2015 at 11:06 PM

Activate Open Item Management for a tax GL account


Hi experts

I have tried different options and explored forums but haven't been able to find the solution as yet.

I have some tax GL accounts (Tax Category field in their GL master is < or > i.e. Input or Output Tax Account). There have been postings to these accounts but these accounts are not open item managed. To perform clearing for these accounts, I need to activate OIM for which I'm trying FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP but the system gives me error"

"Not possible to determine tax indicator in company code xxxx

Company code xxxx is not considered for the activation"

When I further drilldown the error, i find the following information:


Postings to the selected account require a tax code. On the basis of the company code data (T001), the system tried to determine a tax code for zero tax. However, there is no such tax code stored for the company code.


Specify the tax code for zero tax in the company code. You do this in Customizing for Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) under Assign Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions.

I have checked settings in OBCL for Non-Taxable Transactions and found that I0 and O0 are maintained for Input and Output tax (also tax jurisdiction). In Table T001 I also find these entries so these seem to be complete.

Can somebody please help me sorting out this issue.

Many thanks!