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Apr 20, 2015 at 05:45 PM

Want only one section of group header to repeat on pages


Hi, please see attached screenshot.

This report presents bank balance and transaction information per bank and account:

GH2: Bank group header

GH3a: Account group header

GH3b: Bank balances field headers + balance detail

GH3c: Extra bank data (related to balances)

GH3d: Bank transactions field headers

Da: Bank transactions detail

Problem: as you can see GH3 is split in several section but it's all based on each turn of account.

I only want GH3d to repeat across pages, because it's bank transaction information that takes up multiple pages.

But... the option in Crystal to have group headers repeat across pages is 'all or nothing' for the group, so I either get all GH3 (so the balances and extra bank data repeats on every page) or not.

Any ideas on making this work? Again, I only want the bank transactions field headers to repeat on every page.

But as you can surmise, the balance and transaction information is related and based on 'every turn of the bank account'.

I can't create a new GH4 that is also based on Account can I? I wasn't able to see how to have two groups based on same field.

Thanks for help.