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Apr 20, 2015 at 04:05 PM

popup (like sap.m.dialog) with multiple windows


Hello together,

I´m planning to create a popup window, which has multiple views/screens/or something like that where you can navigate through. I want to keep it responsive so my initial thought was using sap.m.dialog. I´m also using only XML views/fragments and I want to keep it stringent.

I looked at the test ressources and found something pretty usefull for sap.ui.commons.Dialog - Dialog - SAPUI5 Demo Kit

Even though the idea is good, it doesn´t seem to work with sap.m.Dialog (especially the last example with XML fragments).

Does anyone of you know how to create a responsive popup with different screens (maybe a fragment for each view) where you can navigate through?

My approaches so far do not look very promissing, but I could also post some code if that helps.

Thanks in advance!