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Apr 20, 2015 at 04:05 PM

BW Infopackage always runs for 7hrs (regardless of number of records)


Hello Experts,

Good day. We have a BW system that is almost 1 year old. It is extracting data from ECC system.

I noticed that one of our Daily InfoPackage always runs for 7 hours every day. (even if there is only few records being loaded)

Here's an example screenshot:

I checked the last 5 loads/days in the Infopackage Monitoring Screen.

It ran for 7 hours when it loaded 400,000 records. But today there were only 19,000 records being loaded but it still ran for 7 hours.


  • I moved the Infopackage schedule to a different time, when no other BW jobs are running, but it still ran for 7 hours.
  • I checked the runtimes from last year, Last year the Infopackage only runs for 2-3 hours every day (regardless of the number of records being loaded) so this proves that the Infopackage runtime is not dependent on the number of records being loaded.


What other possible factors may be causing the Long Runtime of the infopackage?

Thank you for your time!


ECC loads.png (94.6 kB)