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Apr 20, 2015 at 03:17 AM

Fiori - Approve PO - No release Code maintained


Hello Fiori experts,

I have followed the docs to configure the Approve purchase orders App for Fiori.

When I try to Approve the purchase order i got "No release Code maintained for Purchase Order XXXXXXXXX" error.

I attach three images.

- the browser error

- the /n/IWFND/ERROR_LOG error log

- the Workflow approval step

It's important to highlight that the Workflow used to approve the PO is not the standard one, and the Release Code variable is missing from the step container (but it's in the container of the workflow).

Also, the approval task doesn't run the method SINGLERELEASE of the BUS2012, it is just the standard decision approval step.

My questions are:

1) Could be the error because of the customisation of the Release Step?

2) Although the scenario is the Approve purchase order business process, as the task doesn't release the PO:

Does the standard Fiori Approve PO app apply for this case?

3) How can I adapt the standard app for approving the step?

Best Regards,



WF task.jpg (422.0 kB)
Browser_Error.jpg (75.0 kB)
GW_Error.jpg (399.8 kB)