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Apr 18, 2015 at 05:46 PM

Tracking ID



Currently we are working on a shipper scenario where in the AS-IS, ECC system is there but in the to-be scenario there will be TM 9.2 and EM 9.0 plus ECC will also work as it is. However EM is not connected to ECC.

Now when any vehicle enters any site to load and unload materials, they use the current delivery No to enter the site and I am sure its only the delivery No that the trucker will use as reference in current loading application sites as well.Hence can the experts inform in this case since EM is integrated only with TM, how can we use the delivery No as a tracking ID since delivery No is in ECC. What will be the best way to track this info? Is there any preprocessing framwork we need to use to convert delivery No to TOR ID or how we go about with it?