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Apr 17, 2015 at 05:25 PM

Character special encoding in Web Dynpro source code


Hi everyone,

I'm using Eclipse IDE to code abap and I want to use special characters like "ãç%" in Web Dynpro abap code, but when i am trying to use it, i have the following problem: Execution of request "POST /sap/bc/adt/wdy/abapsource/codecompletion/elementinfo?uri=%2Fsap%2Fbc%2Fadt%2Fwdy%2Fcomponentcontrollers%2Fyswd_scm_serv_generico%2Fcomponentcontroller%2Fsource%23start%3D4288%2C57" failed: 406 Not Acceptable

The text contains characters [� de visibilid] which cannot be converted

------------ Request -----------------------

POST /sap/bc/adt/wdy/abapsource/codecompletion/elementinfo?uri=%2Fsap%2Fbc%2Fadt%2Fwdy%2Fcomponentcontrollers%2Fyswd_serv_generico%2Fcomponentcontroller%2Fsource%23start%3D4288%2C57 HTTP/1.1

Accept: application/

Content-Type: text/plain

User-Agent: Eclipse/4.4.2.v20150204-1700 ADT/2.41.1

X-sap-adt-profiling: server-time

I've already tried change the settings in:

Window - Preferences...

General - Editors

Text File Encoding

Other: UTF-8

Also, I've already disabled the automatic syntax checking option in Eclipse IDE, but the problem persists.

Could anyone help me?



error.png (81.0 kB)