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Apr 16, 2015 at 08:57 PM

IS Retail - How can I load article hierarchy texts



I am using the article hierarchy in ECC created with transaction WMATGRP03 and I am loading this into BW with the extractor 0MATERIAL_CDTH_HIER.

To do this I read a blog which detailed an edit to table ROOSOURCE changing the extractor routine from the standard CMBW_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_CDTH to the IS retail version RTCMBW_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_CDTH but apart from this minor edit to the business content this works fine and I can see the hierarchy in reports in BW.

What I don't have is texts for the hierarchy nodes - extractor 0CM_CDT1_TEXT and 0RF_ARTHIER1_TEXT return nothing because they are pointing to views with no data - the actual data seems to be stored in table WRF_MATGRP_STRUCT.

I can create a generic extractor on this table but does anyone know if there is a SAP content extractor for these texts ?