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Apr 16, 2015 at 08:53 PM

SAPPHIRE / ASUG (Orlando) questions / tips


Would anyone share their tips and tricks for the SAPPHIRE / ASUG conference attendees? Based on my TechEd and Florida experience, I'll start:

- Wear comfortable shoes (this is the most important one!)

- Plan your agenda ahead of time and make sure to have a "plan B" for the sessions. But leave some time for exploration too.

- Your colleagues will love it if you bring some free stuff back. 😊

- I never travel to FL without a jacket. There is always some room with AC set to freezing temperatures.

Some specific questions:

- What is the difference between 'Lecture Presentation' and 'Theater Presentation'? Also how are 'Demo Station' and 'Demo Theater' different?

- Is there a map / layout available somewhere? I'm trying to figure out how far the rooms are from each other (at TechEd it was sometimes a good 10 min. walk from one side to another).

- It looks like there are two (or more) buildings - the one labeled Convention Center on Google maps is north of International Dr. And the other one (in the SW corner) is Civic Center. Is the event only in the Convention Center building or is it more spread out?

- How is wifi at the event (it was pretty bad at TechEd in 2013)?

- On Thursday is there some baggage service to store the bags or send them to the airport?

Thank you!