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Apr 16, 2015 at 09:24 PM

SAP PPM Show project phase on Item Dashboard


Hi Team,

We are having problems with phases and decision points in SAP PPM.

If we create one DP for each phase of the linked cProject and link them all, the item shows both of them (appears like duplicated).

We saw a previous scn discussion where someone asked if phases could be hidden.

As there is no standard way to show only one of them, we have decided to create only one DP and link it to all of the phases of the cProject.

This solves the problem, but we need the current phase (in excecution) to be shown in the Item Dashboard (WS - RIH).

Is there a way to show it in the Item Dashboard?. We found a field named PHASE_ICON but it comes blank and we do not know if it is related to what we need.