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Former Member
Apr 16, 2015 at 03:49 PM

Report Painter issue


Dear all,

I'm having a problem with report painter.

I created a report which shows cost elements in rows and it has Four columns, one for total and three which are linked to a cost center groups.

In the last column I have a group which contains a big hierarchy of cost centers.

The total amount calculated in this column is not correct for a couple of cost elements.

I analyzed and I found the cost centers which are not included in the report.

When I do extraction using the cost element (G/L account ) and cost center group using KSB1 the value is correct.All cost centers in group are taken into account.

If I do extraction by report painter, the value is not correct. some cost centers in the group are not taken into account.

Do you have any ideas ?

Could it be linked to some issue with cost center group?

Thank you in advance.