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Jan 18, 2006 at 10:39 AM

Adobe Interactive Form "Submit To SAP"-Button



I have the following problem: I have implemented a IF solution with ABAP + BSP + Interactive Forms. We have a landscape with Test, Quality and Productive System. I have a "Submit to SAP"-button on my interactive form. The Url to which I want to send my Form back to my system, should be generated dynamically depended on Test, Quality or Productive system, so that I only have to design ONE form and not THREE forms (one for each system).

So what I do is the following:

I generate the PDF-object in ABAP with my XDP-File and my Data.xml. In my Data.xml I have integrated a special tag <urltosapsystem> where I generate my URL for the button, dependend on which system I am.

On the Interactive Form I want to parse the XML-file for my special tag <urltosapsystem> via JavaScript and assign the URL for the submit-button dynamically.

So my question is:

How can I assign the URL for the submit-button dynamically via JavaScript:

- On which object (on the whole form,on the button) and which event (onClick, OnPreSubmit,...) can I insert my JavaScript code

- How does the JavaScript-Code has to look like

Thanks for your help,