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Apr 14, 2015 at 06:04 PM

Provide the url in mail step of workflow to launch dynamic view of webdynpro application


Hi all

I have come up with a requirement where in the link to the webdynpro application needs to be passed in the mail step of workflow.

The webdynpro application provides the agent the interface where in he can assign some options of a user id and on clicking submit custom table updates are performed.

Please could you provide with the best way it could be achieved have thought of couple of options but facing challenge in the same.

Options tried / thought of are as below:

1.SWFVISU - But this will directly launch webdynpro application we want only mail to go to agent and then when he clicks the link the webdynpro to launch. The details to launch the webdynpro can be fetched to mail id.

2. Mail step : we can pass the workitem id which could help launch webdynpro on link click and allow user to perform operation but then as soon as mail is sent, the step will get completed and also the workflow we need to only allow the agent to take action within 30 days and also restrict user performing changes once he submits.

For deadline monitoring :

1. Thought of using decision step but decision will halt workflow processing so how can the workitem id of decision be passed to mail step?

Sugestions/solution invited. Its a bit urgent so will quick response will be appreciated 😊

Please let me know if further details are needed.