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Apr 14, 2015 at 02:31 PM

How to handle a problem of Interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll file in SAP b1 9.0 PL11


Hi all,

I have a problem in creating addon of SAP b1 9.0,

At start time when I build my project but it does not create a file of Interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll except that it creates the file of SAPbouiCOM.dll in Bin folder of project. And as I thing, that missing of Interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll file is causing my addon to be not registered in SAP b1 9.0 PL11.

How can I solve that problem? I edited system form (Employee master data in VS2010(VB.NET)) that form runs correctly in SAP b1 at run time, the problem is missing file of Interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll which will be associated with project1.exe in Bin folder. even if I create another new project, it can not create that file,

What is the problem?

please anyone can help me.