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Jan 18, 2006 at 08:33 AM

Parallel query execution on Multiprovider with noncumulative KF


Hello !

We built a multiprovider (MP) on three not overlapping (disjunct?) basis cubes, which are all stock cubes, partitioned by 0PLANT and copies of 0IC_C03.

The Multiprovider-explain of TX RSRT says:

"The MultiProvider query is executed sequentially (reason: NCUM)".

Ok so far, maybe its not possible to execute queries in parallel on that multiprovider even if desirable.

But I found note 781921 which says as symptom:

"If a MultiProvider query with non-cumulative key figures is processed in a parallel way, the system terminates due to a type conflict". That means that queries CAN be executed in parallel on MPs with noncumulative key figures.

Does anybody know if that type of queries can run in parallel or not ??

Any advice is appreciated.

Kind regards, Philipp