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Jan 18, 2006 at 07:54 AM

Plant & Purchasing Group update using program in Shopping Cart


Hello All,

I'm presently working on a customer requirement, where each shopping cart will contain some 200-500 items. So asking user to select plant & purchasing group(if its different than default from attributes) is a painful exercise for users.

So we are asking user to input the plant & purchasing group in first item of shopping cart and execute a Z program, in which user inputs shopping cart number and Z program copies from first item certain data i.e.(plant, purchasing group & some customer defined fields) to all other items of shopping cart.

I could do the needful of copying data, but for these 2 fields i.e. plant & purchasing group, though data is changed and saved in database but not getting reflected on ITS.

Can anyone help me with some code to update plant & purchasing group or how to refresh the ITS screen with new values of database.

Thanks in advance !!!


vishal gupta