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Substance Volume Tracking - Product Safety

Hi Team,

Please guide me with the mandatory steps for the SVT - Substance Volume Tracking



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1 Answer

  • Posted on Apr 11, 2015 at 07:05 PM

    Dear Krishna

    1.) check SAP marketplace; you will find one important SAP OSS consulting note;:tnis note is a must to read before you start to think about SVT set up. anything you need to know in regards of "how to do set up mentioned there (note is mentioned e.g in this thread: )

    2.) check documents as:

    SAP EHS Management for Beginners


    Important OSS Notes for Substance Volume Tracking

    Substance Volume Tracking using SAP EHS MANAGEMENT

    3.) try always to use most up to date SAP Release (either by implementing Support Package or by using EnhPack)

    4.) Check wich regulaiotn you need to address (e.g. REACh, TSCA, CEPA etc.) depending on this the set up is different

    Therefore. there does not exist a "one straightforward kind of useof SVT (or of set upof SVT)

    Pay attention: you need to prepare some kind of MM set up as well (check the OSS note as mentioned for details).


    PS: check any similar trhead in this forum. E.g. like:

    and many more like that.

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