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Apr 10, 2015 at 09:25 AM

DVM Reorganisation and Compression Analysis Not Completing.


Hello all,

  • Solution Manager: SP13 on Oracle / AIX 7.1
  • Latest notes applied and setup performed again after SP13.
  • All status light GREEN in Basic/Preparation and DVM setup overview.
  • Latest ST-A/PI with SP01 and OSS notes applied for DVM.

I have gone through the steps to setup DVM and I am trying to run a test "Reorg & Compression" analysis.

I select a New Analysis in "expert mode" and in "object selection" I select table DBATBLOG. The analysis runs and the background job runs through to completion.

Shortly afterwards in the analysis list overview I see that my task ends up in status "cancelled" with the following log. No dumps, nothing in SM21 nothing reported in Oracle.

I have searched through all the usual sources and don't find anything.

ps: In case someone suggests it, the following notes are not relevant to my system.

0001945514 DVM Compression and Reorganization Analysis Corrections

0001959227 DVM Compression & Reorg Analyzer correction note for SolMan

Anyone got any hints/ideas ?

Thanks in advance to all that help/reply.




pastedImage_7.png (14.5 kB)